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We are keen to reduce our impact on the planet. Creating custom homes of high design value may, in the short term, mean the use of more materials and resources. However, in the long term, the building will have more significance and thus serve a longer life cycle. Add to this the quality and craftsmanship we put into your home, our houses should outlast and outlive many others.

The key to a greener home is really the design. While we can take steps such as to properly insulate, use recycled materials, install weather seals etc., a poor design will never function as well as a properly considered passive approach. Therefore, design ideas and methodology are paramount factors in greener living outcomes. Making choices at the planning stage can make significant differences. It takes knowledge and experience to create an efficient home when restricted by criteria such as site set backs, solar access, orientation, budgets etc.

We go beyond just meeting the requirements from authorities, our homes always exceed the planned energy ratings due to our diligence in ensuring build quality. For example, we always connect more storm water inlets for rainwater than the minimum, we ensure plumbing is set up now for the use of grey water recycling in the future, and endeavour to seal all air gaps around doors and windows.

We care personally for the environment and are happy to go the extra distance to achieve the best possible outcome for your home and our conscience.


We understand that the process of construction leads to how you feel about your home. Therefore, we aim to make the process as enjoyable as possible. Having the builder on site carrying out the work translates to great work flow and a high quality of workmanship. From core aspects, to fine points, details are conveyed directly to contractors in a timely matter, effectively reducing delays.

We have a unique approach to our builds. Firstly, we like to meet our clients, and make sure the chemistry is there for both parties. We then discuss all facets of your design and build dreams. We create a brief, provide a price outline, finalise the details, and tender a price. From here, we work out a schedule and determine a start date. We only take on 1-2 builds at a time.

Our process is successful for a few key reasons:

  • The builder is on site carrying out the work personally
  • Our team of sub contractors are of the highest standard
  • We communicate clearly and regularly with our clients
  • We are honest and open about time frames, issues, and finances
  • We use quality materials and place value on sustainable practices

Essentially, we build your home how we would build our own. We offer a different building experience, just ask our clients!


Architekt Grunë Häuser developed from a shared passion in craftsmanship, living sustainably, and a drive to be different.

We are a small team that consists of Dietmar, Daniel, Russell and Aaron. There are also some family members involved, with Amalie (Daniel’s partner) helping on design, Michelle (Daniel’s mum) helping with the book work, and Charles the OH&S advisor (Dietmar’s brother in-law).

Dan has a University degree in Graphic Design, but found the industry didn’t fulfill his desire to create with his hands. This led to building / architecture, and under Dietmar’s masterful guidance he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter.

Dietmar is a traditional builder and carpenter coming from a long line of carpenter’s, and has over 30 years' experience. His approach is absolute quality, and building things to last. Over the years, Dietmar has built nearly every style of house and has an unsurpassed knowledge in creating beautiful homes.

Both Daniel and Dietmar share a deep respect and love of nature. They strive to create a future where natural resources are increased, not depleted. They share the same hobbies of architecture, land care, traditional wood work / carpentry, horticulture and sustainable living.

Estimates say that 35% of the fossil fuels we use are consumed by heating, cooling and operating buildings. When you consider the amount of fuel typically used to transport materials and construct buildings, the percentage is even higher.

There are many decisions we can make to try and reduce the carbon foot print created when building or renovating. Many times these choices don’t add any cost, but do require a conscious effort made on behalf of the builder and his tradesmen. We separate our rubbish, we use recycled materials wherever possible, we recycle materials from site, we reduce our carbon footprint through agro-forestry, and we aim to live our lives sustainably.

We believe it is our job to suggest and offer design/construction options that will make our client’s homes more efficient, without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.


“You guys are definitely different”
- Master Builders Judges

“I have been exceptionally impressed by the quality of our home renovation and the builder’s customer service. Daniel and Dietmar and their subcontractors are outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending this building company to future customers (and have done so numerous times already) or to any building industry representative”
- Tonia, Hackett

“We continue to show off our beautiful new place shamelessly :) Your vision for our house has been extrordinary, we are so happy we went with you guys because without your ideas our house wouldn’t have reached its potential.”
- Rebecca and Tom, Downer

“You didn’t do what you said, you actually have done 100% more. I didn’t think the house could be this good, this enjoyable. I hardly use the heater or aircon anymore, I didn’t think you could do it, but you have.”
- Gwilym, Kaleen




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